Squad Member Spotlight – Loui


This month is LOUI. You will have seen Loui around and about the pool at training and competition.  It’s fair to say that Loui is incredibly popular. Read more….

Name: Loui

Age: 4
Nickname: Luigi or Louis Vuitton (when I’m feeling designer)
Day job: Well according to everyone, I’m supposed to help mum to be safe and not get lost but I think it’s really to be cute and try to get pats from every person I see and sneak chips from the floor when no one is looking.
Squad and coach: DN Green – coach Tegan
How long been swimming/at UWA West Coast: 1.5 years.
How my role at swimming works? Well, I start by guiding my mum to the pool, usually sneaking anything food I can see as I go, and then try to convince the squad to pat me while mum stretches and tells me again and again to lie down and behave. When mum is swimming, I enjoy a nice long nap by the pool while secretly wishing I was in the water too. Once training finishes, I usually bounce around like a kangaroo for a few minutes trying to gets mum’s attention (which I am not supposed to do!), while mum says goodbye to everyone.  Once I’ve calmed down I guide her out of the stadium and to the car.
What I like most about going to swimming with Tegan: I love all the pats and snuggles I get from everyone when mum tells them it’s okay to give me attention. I can’t have this treatment all the time though because when I’m guiding I have to be left alone so that I don’t get distracted, this doesn’t always happen though.
Worst thing about swimming: The worst thing is having to sit quietly in gym and watch everyone all moving around me. It looks like such fun that I occasionally try to join in, though I always get told to lie down again for some reason.
Fun fact rest of my squad probably don’t know about me: When my mum first got me, I thought it was a good idea to eat 12 boiled eggs off the bench and hide the plate in the bedroom so no-one would ever find it. It was fun at the time, but it made the humans pretty angry and my tummy didn’t really enjoy it the next day either.
Best thing to do outside of swimming: Going to the park to play with my other dog friends, especially Harry the kelpie.



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